We help students in underprivileged schools map their careers.



Ramani Life Group is a community-based organisation registered in Kenya in 2016 to organise career days in less-advantaged schools.

These career days connect the dots between the students’ secondary and tertiary education; inspire them to think beyond the circumstances they find themselves in; and motivate them to remain in school, improve their performance and take the steps necessary to build productive lives.

Ramani Life Group was founded by Uduak Amimo after her observation that prestigious international, private and national public schools had the confidence, resources and social capital to connect their students to professionals and foundation-building, life experiences. So what happened to the children in low-income schools, whose parents and guardians struggled to make ends meet, who did not have the access and opportunity to meet professional role models?

A social entrepreneurship fellowship in late 2014 in Puerto Rico, the Global Social Impact House offered by the University of Pennsylvania, helped turn Uduak’s idea of serving students in marginalized schools into a community project. Uduak was a 2015 Archbishop Desmond Tutu Fellow, a program run by the African Leadership Institute. That experience ushered the project from its pilot phase into registration as a CBO, and brought with it a Leadership Team.



The schools chosen are located outside Nairobi because they have little or no access to professionals, and are very often underserved and overlooked in other ways.


We organise career days because career guidance is lacking in less-advantaged schools; administrators in these schools work with little resources, which they must prioritise; and, Kenya, like the rest of Africa has an overwhelmingly young population, a youth bulge, so we must harness this potential early and constructively for the country and the continent’s benefit. 


We currently stage two career days in the Kenyan school year, in the first and second terms. We would like to scale up to do more career days in the first two terms of the year. Third term is excluded because it is short, and the students are preparing for and sitting for their national secondary school leaving exams.


Volunteers in different careers donate their time and resources towards sharing their professional experiences with students during the career days. 


 Benefits to Students

 Students benefit from the experience because it helps them identify their strengths, talents and interests, and how to align them all into academic and eventually, professional choices. The experience also provides real-life role models.

Benefits to Teachers

Teachers benefit from having professionals inspire and motivate their students, and are themselves inspired and motivated.  

Benefits to Parents

Parents benefit from learning how to navigate the educational system and are empowered to support their children in making the best choices for their futures. 

We believe in:

  • Excellence: We do our best; we give our best; we expect the best.
  • Responsibility: We lead, we serve, we are responsive, we are accountable, we are reliable; we volunteer our personal time and other resources for the benefit of our community and society in general.
  • Inclusivity: We welcome the perspectives and contributions of others to our work.
  • Transparency: We are honest and generous in our interactions; we communicate our ideas and actions openly.
  • Dignity: We value our beneficiaries, benefactors and volunteers, respect their decisions and support their growth.
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