Career Day At Kaluluni Girls Secondary School

Est. in 1971
Kathiani area; Machakos County
Girls’ School

We held our 7th Career Day on Saturday March 10, 2018, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Muthaiga.

The event was hosted by Kaluluni Girls Secondary school which is located in the Kathiani area of Machakos; about 30- 45 minutes from Machakos town in Machakos County. Apart from the host school, we also had students from Rev Kittony Secondary School and Ikoleni Secondary School. The total number of students was 600.

Volunteers for the day comprised professionals in the fields of IT, Digital communication, law, media and communication, Banking and Finance, Graphic Design, Engineering, Construction, Diplomacy, Accounting, Marketing, Business and Entrepreneurship, Piloting, Teaching – representing both the traditional and the emerging careers.

 The students were grouped according to their career areas of interest and different professionals spoke to them about the intrigues of the careers – what their individual journeys look like, the changing trends within the careers and the dynamics that the students need to consider as they prepare academically for these careers.

We also held sessions with the teachers and parents. These sessions were to emphasise the important role that teachers and parents play in bringing out a holistic individual.

The three schools fell under Ramani’s interest sphere because they are not only far-flung, they are also resource-constrained which means that access to information is a challenge for both students and teachers, rendering the outside world largely obscure to the students.

The issue of lack of exposure was also reiterated by many of the volunteers who interacted with the students and noted that, because of the schools’ limited information resources and remote location, students’ career visions were also just confined to the familiar.

“Students here have low self-esteem because of lack of exposure which is likely because of their backgrounds. I feel that if the students get the exposure and encouragement, they can make it,”

– DJ Tizmo, Kubamba.

The keynote speaker for the day was Innocent Ndemo, C.E.O SecureMan Services. His subject was “Mapping Your Future”.  Innocent used his personal story of rising above his economically challenged childhood to encourage the students to find and define themselves outside their circumstances in order to construct the discipline which is paramount to getting ahead in life in both academic work and extra-curricular activities. Innocent is a strong advocate for volunteering because, “children need to identify with someone that they can look up to and build their career aspirations using such people as guides.”

As is Ramani’s tradition of giving to the schools we visit, each of the three schools received 50 scientific calculators bought from the generous donations sent to Ramani by volunteers and well-wishers.

“The calculators that have been donated were a challenge for most of the students to afford because they come from needy backgrounds so having calculators will go a long way is helping the students work and perform better,”

– Patrick Kitavi, Principal, Ikoleni Secondary School.
Over 450 students
600 students
Day/Boarding School
Focus: Form 1 - 4
Focus: Form 1 – 4
“The lack of exposure among the students here struck me. The confidence levels here are also low; the students seemed a bit timid, withdrawn and intimidated – something that needs to be worked on. Today was a success because students of this place having professionals come to speak to them is not something that that they see every day.”

– Mercy Wangare, Volunteer, Rotary Club of Muthaiga
“[Ramani’s presence here] has made us realise that there is a lot that we did not know about our students. We appreciate what happened and wish that in future, similar events can be organised for us. Most of our students come from needy backgrounds and were not able to afford calculators so the donations from Ramani will help fill that gap. The students now have a better attitude towards their education and the various careers. They have also realised that these careers are for them; they are not meant for special people.”

– Geoffrey Mbuthi, Principal, Rev. Kittony Secondary School
“The Ramani team has been an eye-opener for the students. They have been guided about different careers so henceforth; teachers will not have the challenge speaking to the students about career choices because the students have learnt from Ramani and I am sure now they will make better choices. The students have also been encouraged to continue and complete their studies despite their individual challenges.”

– Rose Muinde, Principal, Kaluluni Girls Secondary School
“The students only know about the traditional careers. More can be done to open up the possibilities of the world to them. Today was about showing them that there are so many other career lines, interests and there is so much that they can do besides being a doctor, engineer or a lawyer.”

– Njoki Riguga, Volunteer, Rotary Club of Muthaiga


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