Olooseos Girls’ Secondary School (April, 2016)

Est. in 1987
Est. in 1987
Kajiado, Rift Valley
Girls’ School

Olooseos Girls’ Secondary School is located in Kajiado County in Kenya’s Rift Valley. It started out as a public boarding school in 1987, meant to provide an alternative to girls in the surrounding area who had been rescued from early marriage and Female Genital Mutilation. Parents of students here are mostly low-income earners engaged in menial jobs, and mostly poorly educated.

Olooseos has a student population of just under 400, mainly from the county.

The average grade in the national secondary school leaving examination, KCSE, is a C.

The Career Day at Olooseos Girls’ Secondary School took place on April 2nd, 2016.

Over 300 students
Over 300 students
Boarding School
Focus: Form 1 - 4
Focus: Form 1 – 4

“It was very insightful for the girls, because it opened their minds to other careers beyond teaching and nursing. The girls were happy to get that information and on how to choose subjects for the careers they’ve been thinking of.

The teachers are thinking of another day like this every other year. What we think of as careers the students do not consider until they hear from someone else. We are grateful and we wish for another day like that.

There was one particular girl from the area who came to me to say that she has seen life differently, that she can see life beyond the village. It has boosted their morale to a greater level.”

– Mrs Wanjiku Mutinda, Headmistress (Olooseos Girls’ Secondary School)

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