St Joseph’s Riabai and Kiu River Secondary School

Est. in 1971
Est. in 2014
Kiambu, Kiambu County
Mixed School

The Ramani team of volunteers visited Kiambu on July 8th, 2017 to stage a career day for two schools: St Joseph’s Riabai, and Kiu River Secondary School. Both schools are relatively young, with the host school, St Joseph’s, having started in 2014, and Kiu River starting in 2015. Both schools average a mean grade of D-, and experience similar challenges such as indiscipline and substance abuse.

The day’s keynote speaker was Josphat Mwaura, CEO of KPMG East Africa. He comes from the area and was able to connect with the students frankly, sharing his own background with them and challenging them to dream, plan, and take notes. He donated pens and notebooks to the students, while the day’s sponsor Telkom Kenya donated more than 200 calculators for senior classes to use in their math and physics classes.

Around 490 students attended the career day. Ramani’s volunteers also held sessions for their parents and teachers.

Over 450 students
Over 400 students
Day/Boarding School
Focus: Form 1 - 4
Focus: Form 1 – 4


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